Best Graphic Novels I Read In 2018

I had always liked the idea of graphic novels, but had never spent the time actually reading them, so I made it a goal to change that in 2018. I counted and was surprised to find that I read 58 graphic novels this past year (and a few in the first part of this month). Some have been ARCs and many have been either from my school’s library or my local public library. There’s currently 6 sitting on hold waiting for me to pick up. I have to get over there soon!

My list consists of books I’ve read this year, but they may not have been published in 2018. (Click links for full reviews)

In no particular order, here’s my list. I think there may be something for everyone.

hunting accident

The Hunting Accident: A True Story of Crime and Poetry by David L. Carlson and Landis Blair (Illustrator)

Tired of packing ice with his negligent father for 14 hours a day, Matt Rizzo runs away and rides the rails. But eventually he goes home to Chicago and hooks up with some friends who have been influenced by depression-era mobsters. Trying to get ahead in the organization, they hit a store and Matt gets shot in the face by the owner. He goes to prison after refusing to rat on his friends. Rizzo ends up cellmates with the infamous killer Nathan Leopold. Mentored in epic poetry and taught to read braille, Matt helps Leopold with his literature classes.

The Hunting Accident drives home the idea that truth is relative. This is exactly what I like in my literature, add great art and you have an evocative and meaningful work.

cardboard kingdom

Friday Graphic Novel Double Feature: Cardboard Kingdom by Chad Sell. The King of Kazoo by Norm Feuti

Chad Sell teams up with several other storytellers to create a neighborhood of fantasy made out of refrigerator boxes! A diverse cast of young people dressed up at Monsters, Princesses, and Robots, subtlety tackle issues of bullying, divorce, competition, parent expectations, and many more.


Batman: White Knight by Sean Murphy

Batman: White Knight is a novel that tests the relationship between Batman and his city, but more importantly, Batman and his arch-enemy. While this thread is solid, there are some side plots that branch away and never seem to be concluded. Yet, the dialogue, varied cast of characters, and a churning central conflict make this one a safe bet.


The Adventure Zone by Clint McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy and Carey Pietsch (Mini Graphic Novel Review)

This book is for you, if you have ever:

  • Thought people should have to present their character sheet upon meeting you
  • Sipped some dank mead
  • Wanted a pet dragon so badly that your mom sewed wings on your stuffed elephant
  • Broken up with a partner over the number of pips on a side of the die

Highly Recommended, and Greatly Anticipating Book #2!


Check, Please. Book 1: #Hockey by Ngozi Ukazu

Super list of things I loved:

  • A book with an art show, a house party, and hockey checking.
  • Bitty is a character no one will soon forget. He speaks directly to the reader, and most of the time, with his heart on his sleeve.
  • Acceptance. Bitty is hesitant to share his sexuality with anyone at school. But there’s a powerful scene were he comes out to one of his teammates. Very well done!
  • A great cast of characters. From the star senior to the snippy freshmen and the rest of the bros… refreshing group.

Overall, a book I will be happily recommending.


My Boyfriend is a Bear by Pamela Ribon, Cat Farris (Illustrator). (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

Funny, with real ear for the pitfalls of dating life, My Boyfriend is a Bear is a unique take on modern life. Nora is a great character, as is Bear. And that might be hard to create with a character who only shares his feelings in grunts and roars!

Check this one out!

All the fish in the sea… to the one who plucks em outta the stream.


What were some of your favorite graphic novels of 2018? Do you have any that you would recommend to me?


16 thoughts on “Best Graphic Novels I Read In 2018

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    1. It was the twist Batman needed I think.
      Also, have you read The Batman & Robin Adventures by Paul Dini and crew? Came out in Oct. I just picked it up. Just like the old Animated adventures. Looks good!

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      1. I haven’t gotten around to checking out a lot of the comic book stories that are connected to the Animated series, but they’re definitely on my TBR. Will look forward to your thoughts on it though. 😀 Paul Dini and so many others did a lot of stories with that Bruce Timm artwork back in the day!


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