Introducing Our Little Library…

I had seen several Little Libraries on my Twitter feed and a couple in my town,  but there were none in our neighbor... and my dad needed a project. Naturally, I Googled "Little Library" and found the site for the organization: Little Free Library. They provide a wealth of knowledge about getting started with a library...... Continue Reading →

Ciao May, Arrivederci June

I've had such a good reading pace going that I didn't even realize that the month is over! In looking back on May, I realize how many good books I was able to read. This was the last month of school for me, so things were pretty busy, but I still was able to find... Continue Reading →

Happy 1st Blog BDay to Me!

My blog-birthday was actually on the 4th or 5th of the month... I didn't get a notification from WordPress, so Kal from Reader Voracious had to remind me about it since we both started our blogs at about the same time. The most important thing I want to say is Thank You! Thank you to my fellow... Continue Reading →

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