Rating System/ Review Requests

My Rating System

5 Stars: I might get annoying when talking about this book. I’ll be posting about it on Twitter, sharing other reviewer’s posts, and telling everyone I meet. This book is essential to read in the genre. Has the potential to “change your life.” It could have minor issues, but takes chances that create a unique reading experience.

4 Stars: If someone asks me for a recommendation, I’ll probably tell them about this book. A very good book. Some issues in pacing, characterization, believability, or world building, but one that I would generally recommend.

3 Stars: I’ll tell my book-people about this book, people who I know have read in this genre or this author before. Recommend with some reservations.

2 Stars: Yeah… If I’m telling you about this book, it’s probably not gonna be pretty.

1 Star: I honestly have never read a 1-star book. Or I’ve definitely never finished one.

Review Requests

Thank you for visiting and your interest in submitting a review request. You can reach me via email at PaulsPicks27@gmail.com

Every book that I read is guaranteed to be reviewed on Goodreads, and possibly on my blog. In the event that I do not enjoy a book, my review will be balanced, critical but constructive. I will make every effort to review a book within a week of its release, but I generally have a full TBR/ life/ family. Please be sure to express desired deadlines in your inquiry.

Genres that I typically read: My reading interests range from fantasy/ scifi, thrillers/ mysteries, nonfiction (sports biographies, true crime, among others), literary novels, and some YA.


  1. Email me at PaulsPicks27@gmail.com with “Review Request” in the subject line.
  2. In the body of the email, include: title, author, genre, and a brief description (or a link to Goodreads). Please be sure to include any relevant PR information, such as preferred timing for reviews.  (Such as preference to not post until closer to the publication date.) This will help me determine whether or not I can complete the review, and ensure that I am of best use to the author. I cannot guarantee a positive review, but talking about a book constructively still generates a good deal of buzz.
  3. Let me know how you came across my blog.


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