Slender Man by Anonymous

From the dark corners of the internet to the eerie depths of the forest, the boogeyman lurks. An odd collection of elongated limbs in black and white, an oval-shaped head, and a lurking, a following, a stalking. The Slender Man. Mark is a young man of monied Manhattan, enrolled in an elite private high school that... Continue Reading →

Age of Assassins by RJ Barker (Mini Review)

Age of Assassins is a. a complex castle whodunit b. a back/front/side/top/bottom-stabbing political thriller c. magic-laced coming-of-age d. ALL OF THE ABOVE. At first, the premise seems quite simple: an assassin and her apprentice have been brought to the seat of the kingdom to weed out a possible move on the heir.  Master and second... Continue Reading →

Stealing Life by Antony Johnston

'Salarum! Salarum! Salarum! I WANT MY MONEY!' Nicco Salarum grew up in a brothel, lives in an abandoned slaughterhouse, and spends a good deal of this novel getting chased by golems. He doesn't have the best of luck. In debt to the biggest mob boss in town, he needs money fast. He gets an offer... Continue Reading →

Thin Air by Richard K. Morgan

The tech is hot, the corruption is rampant, and the grit doesn't wash off easy. Richard K. Morgan's Thin Air is a fast-paced scifi thriller set on the 4th planet from the sun. Hakan Veil has an issue with his physiology: his mech-infused body needs to sleep four out of twelve months of the year,... Continue Reading →

Street Freaks by Terry Brooks

In a futuristic, polluted - Escape from New York/ Terminator- style Los Angeles, Ash receives a frantic message from his bioengineer father telling him to run. Two minutes later their penthouse apartment is filled with robots on the hunt. Ash flees with his escape bag to the Red Zone, a non-patrolled sector given over to... Continue Reading →

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