The Point by John Dixon

The Point finally lands a punch that Scarlett can’t dodge. Wild child and high school senior, Scarlett Winters has a history of initiating unexplained phenomenon, times when her body has done things her mind cannot comprehend.  And after another series of shocking and mysterious events, she is given an offer to go to West Point,... Continue Reading →

When Zombies Invade by D.E. Daly

May I have your attention please! The next station is Zephyr Terminal in Bridgeside. This is a safety announcement: Zombies spotted by 11-year-olds, Justin, Chloe, and Malik. The train now standing at the platform is not in public service. Please do not board this train. It is full of ZOMBIES! Stand well back from the platform... Continue Reading →

City of Lies by Sam Hawke

Roman Emperor Claudius was poisoned by his slave Halotus. The very one whose job it was to taste and deem his food safe. The secret service has been used by many presidents to sample and keep them from harm's way. And some say the current administration goes to McDonald's to avoid poisoning (some irony there).... Continue Reading →

Halcyon by Rio Youers

The Lovegrove family is desperate to find answers. On the surface, they are a typical American family: Laura is an English teacher at the local public high school. Martin is an architect working on the plans for a new shopping mall. Sheila is your average teenager, more interested in her social media accounts than listening... Continue Reading →

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