Recursion by Blake Crouch

Before I got my hands on this book, I read several reviews: Mogsy's review, Lisa's review, Kyra's review , Petrik's review and Dave's review ... So many good reviews! I knew I had to get this book. It did not disappoint. Please check out their posts. These bloggers are great follows. Crouch takes on the consequences of time travel... wrapping it... Continue Reading →

Alphabet Squadron by Alexander Freed

Why did I like Rogue One so much? And to some extent, Solo? No space wizards or force wielders... The Star Wars galaxy needs more stories about regular dudes. The men and women in the trenches, gun-wells, and cockpits. The complicated heroes and, not so heroic characters, who fight on both sides. The Force is... Continue Reading →

Never Die by Rob J Hayes

Whispering Blade, Death's Echo, Iron Gut Chen, Emerald Wind, and the Wushu Master of Sun Valley... Heroes of myth brought together to kill the Emperor. A young boy named Ein has been given this quest by a shinigami, a god of death... we don't know why, but we know that he's gonna need a special... Continue Reading →

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