Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee

Min’s family of supernatural, shapeshifting foxes lives on Jinju, an outer rim planet that just wasn’t able to be fully terraformed. She and her family stay in human form the majority of the time, and use their taboo abilities sparingly. Her brother was able to escape the dusty confines of their home by joining the... Continue Reading →

Mirador de la Memoria by Ewa Miendlarzewska

Mirador de la Memoria is a life's reflection and a study into the possibilities of the advancements of neuroscience. Set in the near future, Dr Paulina Kochanowska has been put on house arrest with her personal robot Salvatore because of several experiments that push the limits of current science and have started to injure participants.... Continue Reading →

Rosewater by Tade Thompson (Mini Review)

Rosewater, Nigeria. 2066. Site of the alien biodome. An orb with a mysterious connection to people's health and a selecting ability to reach into the psyche of others. Tade Thompson's novel reads as scifi action, cultural inquiry, and deep character examination. This might seem like a fault as I try to correctly explain it, but... Continue Reading →

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