Dahlia Black by Keith Thomas

In 2028, a pulse from outer space is detected by physicist Dahlia Black. An advanced government antenna is aimed up at the stars and receives a radio signal. At first, the small cadre of scientists who are in-the-know don't know what to make of it; all they know is that the message is way beyond... Continue Reading →

No Flight Without the Shatter by Brooke Bolander

A deeply affecting short story with themes of sudden apocalyptic change and the wildness it will bring, in human and beast. A collection of the world's last remaining animals, a young woman named Linnea, and the preparation for the end. The narration shifts from 3rd person to second person throughout as the author puts the consequences... Continue Reading →

The First of Shadows by Deck Matthews

I read Nick's review and Corey's review (two reviewers who have very similar taste as I do), and they both made me want to pick up this book. I'm not sure if there's anything more I can say about this book, but I'll say a few things: Deck Matthews has made a promise. On sword, amulet, and magical bracelet...... Continue Reading →

Guild of Tokens by Jon Auerbach

Jen Jacobs is wading into a real-life quest game... a long-distance relationship and her not-so-satisfying video game coding job has left her without a lot of fun in her life. A mysterious email offers Jen a chance at tokens, "leveling up," and that dopamine hit she's been looking for. The quests are a bunch of... Continue Reading →

Alterlife by Matt Moss

I was rec'd this book by my blogging buddy, Nick. Here's his great review. John Crussel thinks his luck has been spent... after his daughter's medical bills and the normal expenses of life pile up, he's in the hole. It doesn't help that he's got a big 'keep-up-with-the-Jones' streak. Pushed to the edge, he contemplates... Continue Reading →

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