Famous Men Who Never Lived by K Chess

Thousands were able to escape the fallout from the simultaneous sabotage of three nuclear power plants. A lottery chose these individuals to cross through the portal to another earth, one that zippered off in 1909 leaving two timelines spinning independently of each other. These Universally Displaced Persons (UDP) have had a hard go of assimilating... Continue Reading →

The Wall by John Lanchester

Surrounding the island of Great Britain, The Wall was constructed after The Change, when the oceans rose and the earth was unable to continue to sustain the global population. The Others can attack at any moment; their desire to enter the a semi-working civilization of Britain stokes relentless courage. But the Defenders are there to... Continue Reading →

Vigilance by Robert Jackson Bennett

Target audiences. Literally targets on the audience. The sting of the algorithm. The most effective and damaging placements of ads for the manipulated populace. Tell them what they need, then sell it to them. Bennett creates a game show in the near future built on fear, guns, and money. Active shooters are armed and then... Continue Reading →

Up the Throne by Toby Frost

The Girl with the Two Facial Scars. Wronged and cut by a powerful mobster several years before, Giulia travels back to her homeland bent on revenge. To Astrago, a Renaissance-era city infused with aspects of steampunk and magic. Cog-filled contraptions touched with spells. Airships shrinking the distances between political alliances. Power struggles toppled by poison... Continue Reading →

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