Without Sanction by Don Bentley

Without Sanction is a thrill ride with intense action in the Middle East and political maneuvering in the Oval Office. A team of CIA opperatives infiltrates a base in Syria only to find evidence of WMDs. Three of the four soldiers are killed and the fourth is taken prisoner. Cabinet infighting and the return of... Continue Reading →

Blame the Dead by Ed Ruggero

Summer, 1943. A mobile field hospital just outside Palermo, Sicily. A doctor is shot in the head as he runs for cover. Military policeman Eddie Harkins is coming off a long shit of breaking up drunken brawls when he is waved over to the scene. He was only a beat cop back in Philly, but... Continue Reading →

Firewatching by Russ Thomas

This novel got me thinking a lot about what makes a good thriller. In my head I broke it down into three categories: Characters, Plot/Premise, Setting. It takes a good detective to carry a thriller series. Usually they're broken in some way and use their detective skills as a means for redemption (I know, totally... Continue Reading →

Breakers by Doug Johnstone

First off, that to Dave at¬†espresso coco for recommending this stellar book! Secondly, I have a friend who did a teacher exchange in Scotland several years ago. Immediately after finishing this book I sent her an email about it. The very next day she downloaded it and zipped through it in a matter of hours.... Continue Reading →

The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James

In Fell, NY there's a roadside motel that was built to accommodate the crowds for a promised amusement park... but that dream never came to be and for decades it has become a place of local legends, ghost stories, and several families' dark secrets. In 1982, Viv escapes her midwest upbringing to chase a dream... Continue Reading →

A Good Man by Ani Katz

Thomas Martin's life is pretty good. A wife he loves. A respectable job in advertising. A daughter in private school. Yet, he lives with a litany of stresses from his past and his present that threaten to tip him over the edge. A thin veneer of likability, smiles, and charm will be tested in A... Continue Reading →

Long Bright River by Liz Moore

Two sisters' paths diverge. One getting out of the neighborhood and becoming a police officer. The other unable to get out of the cycle of addiction and poverty. Micky Fitzgerald has patrolled the Kensington neighborhood for several years and even if they don't talk, she looks out for her sister, Kacey. But when a rash... Continue Reading →

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