Firewatching by Russ Thomas

This novel got me thinking a lot about what makes a good thriller. In my head I broke it down into three categories: Characters, Plot/Premise, Setting. It takes a good detective to carry a thriller series. Usually they're broken in some way and use their detective skills as a means for redemption (I know, totally... Continue Reading →

Breakers by Doug Johnstone

First off, that to Dave at¬†espresso coco for recommending this stellar book! Secondly, I have a friend who did a teacher exchange in Scotland several years ago. Immediately after finishing this book I sent her an email about it. The very next day she downloaded it and zipped through it in a matter of hours.... Continue Reading →

The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James

In Fell, NY there's a roadside motel that was built to accommodate the crowds for a promised amusement park... but that dream never came to be and for decades it has become a place of local legends, ghost stories, and several families' dark secrets. In 1982, Viv escapes her midwest upbringing to chase a dream... Continue Reading →

A Good Man by Ani Katz

Thomas Martin's life is pretty good. A wife he loves. A respectable job in advertising. A daughter in private school. Yet, he lives with a litany of stresses from his past and his present that threaten to tip him over the edge. A thin veneer of likability, smiles, and charm will be tested in A... Continue Reading →

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