The Paris Diversion by Chris Pavone

Shifting points of view and an intricate plot make The Paris Diversion a quality sequel to The Expats. Kate is back. Shuffling kids to school, throwing dinner parties, and dealing with agro-moms... but at the same time running the Paris substation for the a dark side of the American government, one that is ready to... Continue Reading →

Double Exposure by Alfred Gough, Miles Millar

Quick, exciting, and thoroughly entertaining. From the first scene, where an agent is gunned down while trying to smuggle shocking photographic evidence over the newly constructed Berlin Wall... to the explosive finish, Double Exposure is a book that dug its globe-trotting hooks into me for one sleepless night. David Toland left many opportunities behind after... Continue Reading →

Murder Theory by Andrew Mayne

Sure, he works the occasional job for the DOJ and runs his private lab, but Dr. Theo Cray is just trying to get his life back to normal after using his many skills to solve two serial killer cases. A peaceful dinner with his girlfriend turns very serious after an FBI agent interrupts to ask... Continue Reading →

American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson

1992. After an assassination attempt, an ex-FBI agent and CIA contractor, flees with her two young sons to her mother's house on the island of Martinique. While there, Marie writes her children an explanation of her life. 1962- 1992. The story of her life growing up in NYC, running informants as a new FBI agent,... Continue Reading →

Origin by Dan Brown (Mini Review)

Faith vs Science. A relatively common conflict in literature, and becoming increasingly so in media. What mysteries of the universe can science explain? And what questions can faith and religion answer? These conflicts form the basis for Brown's newest book in his Langdon series, Origin. Robert Langdon is invited to an event at the Guggenheim... Continue Reading →

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