Small Country by Gael Faye

“Here, we’re privileged. There, we’re nobodies.” - A white expat husband tells his black Rwandan wife the stark reality of their life in Burundi as opposed to his native France in the 1990s. But the underlying message is that she needs to turn her back on the lower class Burundians and to 'know her place.'... Continue Reading →

A Quick TBR

A Quick TBR. Just because. In order, here's a list of the books I'll be reading over the next couple weeks. Small Country by Gaël Faye. This is my current read. This is a newly translated book from France. The story of boy growing up in central Africa in the mid 90s. His mother is a... Continue Reading →

Arctic Gambit by Larry Bond

Larry Bond’s Arctic Gambit is a shifting-chessboard of a military thriller. With a lost American submarine, unrest in the Baltics, and suspicions of advanced Russian missile technology, Bond moves the plot forward in each chapter with quick shifts in the point of view from all sides of the conflict. Set in the near future, the... Continue Reading →

TBR Thursday

Here's a preview of some of the books and reviews I'll be writing in the coming months. I try to only glance at the blurb to get a feel for what the book is about because I don't want to be overly-skewed by another's interpretation of the work.  Here are the covers with a few... Continue Reading →

How and Why I Became a Book Blogger

I thought I'd write a short post about what brought me to become a book blogger. This may serve as an introduction to others in the blogging community as well as an explanation to my friends who have asked me about all those FB posts...  I came up with three reasons. Here they are, in... Continue Reading →

The Crossing by Jason Mott

A few thoughts on the end-of-days premise: whether it’s zombies or disease or a natural disaster, authors create these situations to produce an immediate external conflict. One that can divide or unite, one that tests and may change their characters. Authors' purposes for writing in this type of speculative fiction are as varied as the... Continue Reading →

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