Wingspan by Chris Bohjalian

A very short story of two flight attendants in frank discussion during a transatlantic flight. It is in script format and was originally done as a one-act play. This really allows for the reader to focus on every piece of dialogue. The main character of the story is Emily, who is newly trained and admits... Continue Reading →

Hostage by Guy Delisle

Christophe André was working for Doctors Without Borders in Chechnya in 1997. Working on the admin side of the NGO operation, his biggest worry was that local thugs would try to steal the monthly payroll out of the safe. But one night a group of men break into the annex building where he was sleeping,... Continue Reading →

Happy 1st Blog BDay to Me!

My blog-birthday was actually on the 4th or 5th of the month... I didn't get a notification from WordPress, so Kal from Reader Voracious had to remind me about it since we both started our blogs at about the same time. The most important thing I want to say is Thank You! Thank you to my fellow... Continue Reading →

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