Games of Deception: The True Story of the First U.S. Olympic Basketball Team at the 1936 Olympics in Hitler’s Germany by Andrew Maraniss

Games of Deception is a quality young adult nonfiction piece about basketball and the Berlin Games. Directed toward an audience of teens and young adults, the book covers the creation of the game, the formation of the Olympic team, the conflict over whether or not to boycott the games, and the Nazi propaganda machine during... Continue Reading →

Sabbath by Nick Mamatas

My parents lived for a time in Argentina and when they moved down there I went with them for a couple weeks. When we got there my father went to work and my mom and I would look for houses to rent. One afternoon we decided to go see a movie, which was not a... Continue Reading →

Our War by Craig DiLouie

Our War is a book that I sought out after reading and reviewing DiLouie's One of Us. I was drawn into this book as quickly as his last one. Premise: Two siblings are are different sides of an American civil war. After 10-year-old Hannah witnesses her mother's death from a sniper's bullet, she is taken... Continue Reading →

Dreams of Fire by Christian Cura

Dream of Fire is a contemporary urban fantasy novel featuring a bit of romance and a fight to win the battle of magic and evil beasts. Kara is a young painter who has moved to Washington DC to establish herself in the scene. Several past events have made her hesitant to use her powers even... Continue Reading →

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