Katerina by James Frey

Paris 1992: An existence based on want. Of pure gluttony and desire. Cultivating a life of art, sex, drugs, and writing. A hard-driving frenetic love of Katerina. Los Angeles 2017: Stability. Boredom. Guilt. Commercial success. Deep self-hatred. Selling out. A love defined by partnership of wife, mother of children. Katerina is the story of Jay,... Continue Reading →

The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason

Daniel Mason’s The Winter Soldier is a strongly-written novel of a field hospital on the Eastern front of World War One.  Lucius is a young man from a family of means who finds medicine as an escape from the obligations of his birth. And when war breaks out with only a couple of years of... Continue Reading →

Vacation/ Hiatus/ Unplug Return

Hi All- I have returned from my 3-week venture away from the interwebs. It was a good break from the constant barrage of media and notifications we are bombarded with every day. I was on vacation in The Sierras with my family for most of the three weeks. It was fun and at times... relaxing.... Continue Reading →

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