Vacation/ Hiatus/ Unplug Return

Hi All- I have returned from my 3-week venture away from the interwebs. It was a good break from the constant barrage of media and notifications we are bombarded with every day. I was on vacation in The Sierras with my family for most of the three weeks. It was fun and at times... relaxing.... Continue Reading →

The Prodigy by John Feinstein

‘Stage fathers always wanted complete control, and anyone who threatened that control—whether from the inside or the outside—was usually thrown off the island.’ Teenage golf phenom Frank Baker is not just country-club good, not just amateur-tourney good, he’s Masters ready. But the Perryton Prodigy will have to weather the grind and pressure of that 5... Continue Reading →

The Point by John Dixon

The Point finally lands a punch that Scarlett can’t dodge. Wild child and high school senior, Scarlett Winters has a history of initiating unexplained phenomenon, times when her body has done things her mind cannot comprehend.  And after another series of shocking and mysterious events, she is given an offer to go to West Point,... Continue Reading →

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