An Unnatural Life by Erin K. Wagner

I've done a unit in my class in the past about the ethics of cloning. We start with a couple articles about the process in sheep and cats... then we start speculating about humans. My students always have insightful responses and we usually end the unit with a lively debate. Wagner's An Unnatural Life would... Continue Reading →

Life Update

Hi All! Just a very short check-in to let you know how I'm doing... In no particular order: This school year has been interesting to say the least. Due to the number of cases in our county, we've been in Distance Learning here in Sonoma County for the duration. I have a pretty good routine... Continue Reading →

We Could Be Heroes by Mike Chen

Zoe trying to do good now, but Jamie is just trying to steal enough to escape to a tropical island. Two low-key supers. One a villain who uses his Mind Robber persona to rob banks. He has the ability to cut out memories from people's heads... An effective way of threatening tellers. And then there's... Continue Reading →

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