The Other Magic by Derrick Smythe

The Other Magic starts out as three stories that spiral around each other... Grobennar is a high priest who finds himself losing his power to a rival and only the retrieval of a magical boy might win back the favor of the his boss. Kibure is that young slave who discovers a raw magic inside... Continue Reading →

The God Game by Danny Tobey

"Trust the lord!" A crypto-thriller, a rogue AI, a morality test? What is The God Game? A simple text-based chatbot/game is found by one of a group of high school friends in Austin, Tx. The crew call themselves the Vindicators, a group of outcasts who hang out in the computer room at lunch. They do... Continue Reading →

Blood Tally by Brian McClellan

Alek Fitz is back... it's a couple months after the events of Uncanny Collateral and Ada has another job for her favorite reaper. A thrall has run away from his vampire master. (A thrall is a human who signs a contract of servitude in exchange for eventually turning into a vampire and with it immortality.)... Continue Reading →

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