Savage Legion by Matt Wallace

I predict that Savage Legion will be one of my favorite novels of the year. Three threads that threaten to cross at some point in the narrative... Evie (see cover) has been sent to fight with the Savage Legion, a group of outcasts used to destroy the first line of the enemy's defenses, but in... Continue Reading →

Axiom’s End by Lindsay Ellis

A first contact story told from the point of view of the interpreter, Axiom's End is a novel that is full of fascinating 'what ifs.' As the estranged daughter of an infamous hacker, Molly has always been subject to more scrutiny than most. Yet, when he releases what his followers believe is his greatest missive,... Continue Reading →

Hiatus Announcement…

Hi all- I've been a bit distant since the beginning of the quarantine. Between shifting my own curriculum online, trying to manage my daughter's learning, and checking my phone for Covid updates every 5 sec, it was quite a sh#t show in the house. I just haven't been able to find a reading and reviewing... Continue Reading →

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