Off Season by James Sturm

Off Season is a graphic novel about a man in the middle of a separation. With two kids and a flaky boss, he is trying to manage finances and custody schedules. There are so many underlying issues that creep into this book: politics, mental health, parenting... the list goes on. The story is told in... Continue Reading →

Storm of Locusts by Rebecca Roanhorse

After the actions on the The Black Mesa, Maggie is trying to find a new normal while living with the sage Tah, but lost in many ways without Kai. Drawn back into hunting monsters by The Thirsty Boys, she has the same sweet and sour personality and ‘gift for violence.’ Rambling up into the mountains,... Continue Reading →

Monsoon Mansion by Cinelle Barnes

Cinelle Barnes tells the captivating story of her life growing up in the 80s and 90s Philippines in a palacial mansion with her family. Her father is a "self-made man" who acquired his money by plying Filipino workers to Middle Eastern countries. He completed the business of the paperwork, and her mother vetted them for... Continue Reading →

Batgirl: Year One Deluxe Edition. by Chuck Dixon (Author), Scott Beatty (Author, Illustrator), Marcos Martin (Artist), Alvaro Lopez (Artist)

Fueled by her frustration with her father for opposing a career in law enforcement and not meeting outdated requirements to join those agencies, Barbara Gordon dons the mask and becomes Batgirl. At first she tries reaching out to the Justice League, but after that fails, she goes it alone. Killer Moth is the antagonist and... Continue Reading →

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