The Unspoken Name by A. K. Larkwood

Csorwe is a young orc priestess who is stolen away and saved from a sacrificial ceremony to her chosen god... she is saved by a powerful wizard who has been beaten and banished from his own land. Csorwe makes this deal with Belthandros Sethannai and becomes his assistant. They travel through portals to different lands... Continue Reading →

Bird Box by Josh Malerman

A perfect horror-thriller-weekend read. I had heard the buzz about the Netflix show starring Sandra Bullock when it came out, and I even read Malerman's new book, Inspection, because of it, but I never got around to reading Bird Box. And like any true lit nerd, I didn't watch the film. Welp, I finally had... Continue Reading →

Cherry by Nico Walker

Cherry is an autobiographical novel that Walker wrote while in jail. It's a piece about addiction, PTSD, and a desperation for purpose. Initially enrolled in college and dating a girl named Emily, the main character loses his direction and flunks out. He chooses another path and enlists in the Army as a medic. But he... Continue Reading →

The Shadow Saint by Gareth Hanrahan

Guerdon shambles on from age to age, incorporating its scars and eating its scabs, surviving as best it can. Prepare yourself for a multitude of shifts... in perspective, setting, character goals. Guerdon is a city that has changed and evolved through The Gutter Miracle and the emergence of the New City. Now Effro Kelkin has... Continue Reading →

PaulsPicks Best Graphic Novels of 2019

I read just over 130 graphic novels this year and here's 13 that I really liked. There's horror, nonfiction, scifi... All these are great ways to get into the genre.   Infidel by Pornsak Pichetshote, Aaron Campbell, Jose Villarrubia and Jeff Powell Wow! This graphic novel blew me away. From the vivid drawings to the... Continue Reading →

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