Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass

Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass by Mariko Tamaki is graphic novel that provides a look into the origin story of one of my favorite characters in the Batman universe. I was given an excerpt to read, only about 25 pages. Harley has travelled to the big city of Gotham to stay with her grandmother. She finds... Continue Reading →

80 Years of Superman by DC Comics

80 Years of Superman celebrates the anniversary of the superhero’s first appearance in Action Comics #1. This book collects twenty-one of the Superman’s comics running over each of the character’s six ‘ages,’ from the Golden Age to the Dark Age to now. Also included are seven excellent commentaries on his origins, his effects on the... Continue Reading →

Is This Guy For Real? by Box Brown

I enjoyed many things about Box Brown's graphic-novel biography of the late comedian Andy Kaufman. Kaufman's stand-up, his wrestling, and his death hoax are just some of the ways that he experimented with his audience. Brown chooses to focus on Kaufman's love of professional wrestling, and his rivalries and bouts around the ring. By focusing... Continue Reading →

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