Batman and Robin and Howard by Jeffrey Brown

First off, if you’ve never read any of Brown’s Star Wars books, please rectify that right away!

And on to his treatment of Batman and Robin… oh, and Howard. Bruce Wayne as a worrisome dad. Damien Wayne/ Robin as a middle schooler and the son of Gotham’s most well-known philanthropist. And Howard is a student at Damien’s new middle school. In the first pages of the graphic novel, Batman and Robin are out on patrol when Robin makes a mistake… enough of a mistake that Bruce thinks it may be a good idea for Damien to stay off the streets for awhile and transfer to Gotham Metro Academy. There he meets nice guy Howard. But, Damien can’t see past his frustration and instead of seeing a new friend, all he sees is a rival.

Told through Brown’s signature artistic style, Batman, Robin, and Howard is a fun new look at the Caped Crusader’s mythos. Damien’s angsty tween character mixed with Batman’s parenting! Add to that a good mystery and you’ve got an excellent book.

Check out this preview for more samples of the artwork and an interview with the author.

4.5 out of 5

Thank you to NetGalley, DC, and Jeffrey Brown for an advanced copy for review.

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