Proctor Valley Road by Grant Morrison; Alex Child

Yes. Proctor Valley Road has many things in common with Stranger Things… Group of misfits… monster baddies… set in past, loaded with nostalgia. But how does it diverge from the Netflix series? And does it enough to stand on its own?

The title refers to an actual county road in Southern California that a several kids believe is populated by ghosts. So much so that they think they may be able to earn some money taking people out there for spooky tours. The goal is to make enough to get them to the Janis Joplin show.

To answer the above question: Proctor Valley Road is an actual place that has had its own stories connected to it. It doesn’t take much to see the connection between the demons and the commentary on the state of race relations and the treatment of women in the 70s. Demons abound, authorized by society and some out there 

I liked this one for the characters and relationships, but the horror elements where a little repetitive at times… but the art is almost unmissable with great use of light and color in the dark scenes.

Check out this preview.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley, Boom Studios, and the creators for an advanced copy for review.

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