Firebreak by Nicole Kornher-Stace

Publisher's Blurb: Ready Player One meets Cyberpunk 2077 in this eerily familiar future. “Twenty minutes to power curfew, and my kill counter’s stalled at eight hundred eighty-seven while I’ve been standing here like an idiot. My health bar is flashing ominously, but I’m down to four heal patches, and I have to be smart.” New Liberty City, 2134.... Continue Reading →

Anna by Sammy H.K. Smith

I gripped by Kindle. White knuckles... I felt anger. frustration, and pain for this character. I took a deep breath and put it down gently... Anna. After two years of being adrift in the Unland, she is abducted by a man named Will. In just the first few pages of the book, I knew this... Continue Reading →

The First Omega by Megan E. O’Keefe

People live a hardscrabble existence in O'Keefe's dystopian Southwest. They get what they can out of the arid soil,  and some even try to take advantage of the high-speed rail that runs through. Pac-At's rail trucks carry everything across the continent from weapons to flour, but you have to look out for the bull... Riley,... Continue Reading →

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