Katerina by James Frey

Paris 1992: An existence based on want. Of pure gluttony and desire. Cultivating a life of art, sex, drugs, and writing. A hard-driving frenetic love of Katerina. Los Angeles 2017: Stability. Boredom. Guilt. Commercial success. Deep self-hatred. Selling out. A love defined by partnership of wife, mother of children. Katerina is the story of Jay,... Continue Reading →

The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason

Daniel Mason’s The Winter Soldier is a strongly-written novel of a field hospital on the Eastern front of World War One.  Lucius is a young man from a family of means who finds medicine as an escape from the obligations of his birth. And when war breaks out with only a couple of years of... Continue Reading →

Small Country by Gael Faye

“Here, we’re privileged. There, we’re nobodies.” - A white expat husband tells his black Rwandan wife the stark reality of their life in Burundi as opposed to his native France in the 1990s. But the underlying message is that she needs to turn her back on the lower class Burundians and to 'know her place.'... Continue Reading →

The Best Bad Things by Katrina Carrasco

"I’ve made corpses before but never loved it." Alma Rosales can be many things: a Pinkerton agent, a naive young Scottish girl, a gruff dock worker, a poor Southern worker woman. A shape-shifter, a chameleon, one who is willing to play any angle to get the information she needs. Now in Townsend, Washington working for Delphine... Continue Reading →

Panorama by Steve Kistulentz

Steve Kistulentz’s ambitious debut Panorama traces the story of a New Year’s Day plane crash at the Dallas airport. The novel follows several of the people connected to the crash in the day before the tragedy and those following it. Washington pundit Richard who specializes in free speech fisticuffs. A single mother returning to Dallas... Continue Reading →

Boomer1 by Daniel Torday

Today a college friend sent a screenshot on our ‘College Dude’ thread of his music app playing Daft Punk’s Around the World, one of our favorite songs from our days of drinking Natural Light. My ten friends on the thread live all across the country and work in a myriad of professions. We graduated from... Continue Reading →

Song by Michelle Jana Chan

Michelle Jana Chan’s novel Song tells the inspirational saga of a young Chinese boy’s struggle to defy class and racial lines in colonial British Guyana in the late 1800s. After a flood in his village in China takes his father and siblings, Song finds his way to Guangzhou and boards a ship that eventually takes... Continue Reading →

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