Life Update

Hi All!

Just a very short check-in to let you know how I’m doing… In no particular order:

  1. This school year has been interesting to say the least. Due to the number of cases in our county, we’ve been in Distance Learning here in Sonoma County for the duration. I have a pretty good routine going. My daughter and I drive to my school every day and do our zooms in my classroom. We put together a space at the back of my classroom for her and I use my teacher desk in the front. I couldn’t imagine trying to do school at our house. There’s just too many distractions.
  2. Zoom School: Pros. It has enabled me to differentiate my curriculum more easily. We’ve read a couple new books, including Inside Out and Back Again. And we did a graphic novel unit last semester. Cons: The distance between myself and my students seems like 100000000000 miles. Motivation is low with many of my students and I spend a lot of time talking and talking to myself, or at least it seems like it sometimes. While I know that this will be temporary, I feel terrible for my seniors. I really don’t know if we’ll get back to the classroom by the end of the year.
  3. The four walls in our house have had a tendency to get closer and closer together over the past nine months. We are in indefinite LockDown here in the Bay Area, but we’ve used our local parks as much as possible. Lots of scooting and legos and games, and I’m sure way too much TV!
  4. I didn’t do much reading during September and October, but I seem to have gotten my groove back this month. Below are some of the books I missed in those months and I’m going to be reviewing them this week. Reviews coming up:

Take Care, Everyone!!!

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  1. I can only imagine how hard this is on both students and teachers, hang in there Paul! My kids are both in college and my poor son is finishing his college degree online with no in person graduation which breaks my heart. My daughter is a music major and is finally going to hybrid this semester. She’s a junior so she at least has a chance of a normal senior year. I guess when this is all over we’ll look back on it as one of our biggest challenges:-) Take care!

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    1. I can’t imagine going through it as a kid/ student. I have a friend whose daughter is a frosh at Oregon St and lives on campus.. Poor kids can’t interact but in pods. Sad.

      I wish the best for your kids!!


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