The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart

Stewart’s debut was “right place/ right time” for me… This is the first book I read on vacation and I had huge expectations. I needed to be transported. I needed to be engaged by characters and plot and conflict and all things not my children or work! Ha! The Bone Shard Daughter took care of all of this for me.

The Phoenix Empire… a swirling sea full of islands, magic, and rebels. All spied on by animal-like contraptions built by the Emperor and powered by the bones of the empire’s people.

Told through two main perspectives… one of Lin, an heir to the Empire whose daily life consists of proving she is capable of controlling the bone shard magic her father is so adept at. And dealing with her adversary Bayan who her father has taken a great interest in… There’s also Jovis who is trying to search for his missing wife. Seven years he has hunted, tracking down every rumor.

There are so many moments in The Bone Shard Daughter when I felt on shaky ground. The twists, the switch of narrators, the unending conflicts… and the promise of the continuing saga. I loved this book!

The Bone Shard Emperor is one of my most anticipated sequels this year.

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