Resistance by Val McDermid

Originally written as a radio drama on the BBC, this pandemic story is now being released in graphic novel format.

The illness is found to originate from a food van at an music festival in England. People believe it to be food poisoning until lesions start appearing on their skin and death comes quickly. As scientists begin to study the illness, and the contagion slips out of their grasp as it mutates too fast for the antibiotics.

The story itself is good, but three things kept me from truly appreciating it. First is the presentation… So many talking heads with not much action. Second is the bland black and white artwork. I think a lot could have been done symbolically with the correct color palette. And finally, timing. The audio-drama was released in ‘17 and this book (thinking about publishing schedules) was obviously in the works for awhile, but why release it now in the middle of Covid?

While well-researched and plotted, the graphic novel ultimately suffered from several issues that don’t allow it to be fully appreciated.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley, Grove Atlantic, and the creators for an advanced copy for review.

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