One Day All This Will Be Yours by Adrian Tchaikovsky

For starters… It’s important to know my thoughts on Time Travel writing, a genre that at times is not my favorite. Time travel writing always falls somewhere on the spectrum between hard core science-y and ‘poof’ magic. I’m happy to report that Tchaikovsky’s description falls somewhere in between. The credibility in his writing is created with an explanation not of the process but of the result. The end of time. The very end. Where one man remains: our nameless narrator.

He has lived through the Causality War. A conflict fought with time machines… dismantling, destroying, and infrequently detangling time. Now, he minds his farm, takes vacations to watch famous actors of days past, and sics his pet dino on any curious tourists. Yes, he spends his time sabotaging any other travelers in an effort to make sure that no war ever erupts again.

Filled with funny allusions and a narrator with a attitude, One Day This Will Be Yours is a most enjoyable novella. I have never cracked open a book by Tchaikovsky and I am happy to have this as a bit-size intro. With a veteran writer like this, you will get a plot arc that is expertly written and chapters which pull you forward with increasing tension. It seems like there was a chuckle, a aha moment, or a wicked reference on every page.

The one small piece of criticism is that the ending fell a little flat for me. I questioned over and over while reading about how he was going to end this trip through the sands of time. It was fun to speculate… and the path Tchaikovsky chose was interesting, but it didn’t work for me.

Pick up this novella for a meaningful adventure.

4 out of 5 stars

Thank you to NetGalley, Rebellion Publishing, and the author for an advanced copy for review.

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