Deep Dive by Ron Walters

A quick-paced techno thriller… Can Peter turn his video game company profitable? He has one last chance after his previous release failed so miserably… Peter’s former partner now creates some of the most power tech hardware on the market. The gamemaker believes that with his own knowledge of gameplay and Bradley’s AI tech, they can create a winner. It all seems to be going ok until Bradley calls up Peter to test out an early prototype. It’s gives the wearer complete and total immersion until something goes wrong… Peter wakes up in a world that is unlike the one he was living in just hours before. Peter must find his way back to his ‘real’ wife and his two daughters…

I wasn’t impressed with Peter’s character at the beginning of the book. He was boring. He’s that typical guy who has let his phone become the center of his life. Yet, when he’s thrown into the thick of it: a sort of time branch that he hopes to climb off of… he meets the challenge and becomes more of a satisfying character. Walters keeps that pathos running high: Peter’s family is lost somewhere in the messed up timeline. Will he ever be able to celebrate his daughter’s birthday?

Deep Dive immediately gave me Dark Matter vibes. I would put it in the -normal/genius who ends up messing with science- category… and this one has the feels that really grip you. I’d also say it’s a good Weekend Read. I kept turning the pages and the Walters provided the clever twists.

Lottsa fun in this one… Recommended!

4 out of 5

Thank you to NetGalley, Angry Robots, and author for an advanced copy for review.

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