New Feature: Defining Terms. Weekend Read

I’m going to start a new feature on the blog to define some terms that I through around. The first phrase that I use a lot is a Weekend Read. I’ve defined many books in my reviews as Weekend Reads… What the heck is that?

Here are some requirements of a Weekend Read:

  1. Page Length: It should be about 300 pages long or less… y’know, short enough to get through in a weekend.
  2. Tone: It doesn’t have to be totally a popcorny read, but I think it should be a bit of an escape. It can definitely have some heavy topics, but ultimately a good shoot-em-up, mystery/ thriller, or SSF romp works well.
  3. An escape… this can be defined so differently. Everyone has particularly way they like to escape.

Welp, those are really my only three requirements! Ha! Not too complicated… and to be truly honest with you, I’m not sure if there’s any other terms that need defining, but if there are, now I have a Feature I can go to.  Thank you for reading!

What is your perfect weekend read? How would you define the term?

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