Kept From Cages. Ikiri Book 1. by Phil Williams

A supernatural urban-fantasy thriller that will take you all across the globe… From the American South to the Norway, there are dark things hunting that may all originate in Ikiri, a black-site in the Congo. Massacres in small towns, young people with mysterious powers, and all sorts of nasties.

The book begins with Reece’s jazz-musician gang on the run after a really good score. Lottsa guns and money! Looking for respite, they stop at a farm and stumble into a weird scene: A family has a young girl tied up in the living room. The Cutjaw Kids gang take mercy on the red-eyed gal and get her out of her restraints. What follows is a run full of fresh fight scenes and tests for the misfit crew. A gauntlet of politics, monsters, and gore.

In alternating chapters, Williams tells a different thread… Close to the arctic circle, Agent Sean Tasker from the Ministry investigates the vast crime scene of a Scandinavian village. All that remains is pieces of human bodies strewn about the small hamlet. He knows that this is not the epicenter, but the end of the blood trail. Tasker follows the trail to Ikiri, the place no one returns from…

Kept From Cages is full of those gray characters we love. Sometimes driven by greed or lust or guilt, but at other times they move forward with a sense of morality and purpose. There were a number of characters to keep track of, but my goal was to focus on the key players first and then get to know the interesting secondary ones next.

Williams’s urban fantasy is so good because his tone is consistent throughout. From the first page of the book, I was hooked into the world, ready to turn the page on another shadow-hidden beast. Tilt your head a couple degrees left or right and there you have the world that Williams has created. One that looks so much like ours that you will be caught up in this new reality.

I recommend this book to fans of Urban Fantasy and beyond. Pick it up for a story that links characters and themes and magic.

So many thanks to the SOL tour gang. Timy and Justine do the best job at organizing the crew for their book tours. Here’s to new books and new worlds!

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