The Bone Maker by Sarah Beth Durst

Most of the books I read are either ARCs or ones I’ve seen recommended by other bloggers. This book was different. I get a couple daily emails that show books that are on sale on various sites… The Bone Maker showed up in one in early July, and I was surprised that I hadn’t even heard of it. One of the things that’s cool about being a book blogger is feeling like you have a decent handle on most of the releases by the major publishing houses. I read the blurb and saw some good reviews, then clicked Buy. I was not dissappointed!

25 years a group of warriors defeated the twisted magician Eklor. He perverted the magic of the bones for his own greed. Shaping monsters to his evil will in order to gain power over the whole kingdom… But it doesn’t work and he is dead and forgotten… by many.

5 warriors started the war, but only 4 remain… each with their own lives. One lost in his own brain, another happy to live peacefully on a farm, and yet another still in power in the big city controlling the magic of the bones. It is only Kreya who suspects that Eklor may still be able to direct his mutant army. But Kreya only knows this because of her own desire to use the bones in taboo ways… she desires to use them to wake her dead husband. The secrets of reanimation are only known by a few, yet superstition drives many to burn the corpses of the dead.

Even though this is one of several “getting the band back together” books that I’ve read lately, and one of a couple to use bones in the magic system, I felt like the characterization and world building were enough to separate The Bone Maker from the others. I loved the character of Kreya because of her undying love for her husband and her desire to learn all she could about the bones… even if the action may have all of the countryside chasing after her because of her necromancy.

Another thing that I really liked about this one was the various settings. A towering city high on the cliffs which separates its people by level and contrast. A tropical forest inhabited by insatiable creatures. The battle strewn plains where the discarded magic creatures roam.

The gift of rejunivation. So special and powerful a spell… Will it be the thing that can save the world from the greed of others? Should it be free for all? Or are there too many liabilities?

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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