Gideon Falls Vol. 2: Original Sins by Jeff Lemire (Author), Andrea Sorrentino (Cover Art, Artist), Dave Stewart (Artist)

Warning: Spoilers abound in this review… and maybe a bit of ranting.

I was so fired up about the first volume of this comic… Everything was working: the artwork, the plot, the characters. I was rooting for each thread to come together in some twisty way…

Issues #7-11 slow down a bit to focus on the two “teams” of Father Frank and Sheriff Clara, and Norton and Dr. Xu. Frank and Clara investigate the disappearance of her brother Daniel and a dream that Frank has of impending doom. Norton and Dr. Xu see their best path to answers is to find all the black barn’s door’s pieces and rebuild it. These tasks continue intertwined with some backstory of several of the characters, and just some overall history of the black barn myth…

I guess ultimately I was not happy with the payoff. So many ending will be questioned, from Lost to X-Files, and this is one that will stick with me.

The art continues to entrance, though some of the splash pages were more for effect in these issues as opposed to furthering the plot.

Honestly, I hope to get someone else’s take on this soon just to bounce off of…. I think I need that for this one.

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