The Gutter Prayer by Gareth Hanrahan

First of all, thank you to everyone who recommended this book to me! I enjoyed every page and now will wholeheartedly pay it forward to the next readers. Here's some other reviews: Nick's Review, Mogsy's Review, Lynn's Review, Nicole's Review, Kathy's Review, Liam's Review, Corey's Review , Lashaan’s Revew There’s so many good things that have been said about this novel...... Continue Reading →

Royal City by Jeff Lemire

A family of five, a beaten town, and the ghost they can’t forget. The father’s stroke brings the Pike family back together. The brother whose marriage is breaking apart while trying to write his third novel. The sister trying to convince the owner of the rundown factory to redevelop the land into a golf course... Continue Reading →

The Passengers by John Marrs

One of the best ‘puppet-master’ thrillers I’ve ever read. The Passengers is an explosive look at innovation, social media, and autonomous vehicles. A near-future Britain has mandated Level 5, fully automated cars... and one morning a terrorist named The Hacker takes over the controls of eight vehicles. The inside of these cars are then broadcast... Continue Reading →

Do you Dream of Terra Two by Temi Oh

From the selection process, to the intense training, and finally the mission into space, Do You Dream of Terra Two tells the story of six young astronauts and three mentors flying through space to a newly-found inhabitable planet. The infighting and the jealousies, the maturing and the deeply-affecting isolation of space. With climate change threatening,... Continue Reading →

Small Spaces by Katherine Arden

A delectable ghost story set in wintry Vermont. Three found friends: lonely, bookworm Ollie, literate hockey player Brian, and recent city transplant Coco... all go on a wild adventure to save their sixth grade class. Ollie lost her mother last year and has retreated away from the chess club and the softball team into her... Continue Reading →

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