Recursion by Blake Crouch

Before I got my hands on this book, I read several reviews: Mogsy's review, Lisa's review, Kyra's review , Petrik's review and Dave's review ... So many good reviews! I knew I had to get this book. It did not disappoint. Please check out their posts. These bloggers are great follows. Crouch takes on the consequences of time travel... wrapping it... Continue Reading →

Introducing Our Little Library…

I had seen several Little Libraries on my Twitter feed and a couple in my town,  but there were none in our neighbor... and my dad needed a project. Naturally, I Googled "Little Library" and found the site for the organization: Little Free Library. They provide a wealth of knowledge about getting started with a library...... Continue Reading →

Trashed by Derf Backderf

Trashed is a semi-autobiographical graphic novel about being a garbageman. For the most part, the book is told in a day-in-the-life narrative, following the three-man truck crew on their routine picking up trash around town. They are the bottom of the food chain at the "Village Service Department." Picking up engine blocks, roadkill, and lots... Continue Reading →

Alphabet Squadron by Alexander Freed

Why did I like Rogue One so much? And to some extent, Solo? No space wizards or force wielders... The Star Wars galaxy needs more stories about regular dudes. The men and women in the trenches, gun-wells, and cockpits. The complicated heroes and, not so heroic characters, who fight on both sides. The Force is... Continue Reading →

Dead Girl in 2A by Carter Wilson

Jake and Clara meet in first class on a flight from Boston to Denver. After quitting her teaching job and becoming a recluse, Clara has decided to kill herself and thinks the Maroon Bells in the Rockies would form the best background for her final resting place. Jake’s life is spinning out of control: his... Continue Reading →

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