Come Again by Nate Powell

Haven Station is a commune in the Ozarks where everyone pitches in to help produce sellable goods for market. It is now 1979 and a once thriving community is withering. The promise of a utopian life has been cut away by infighting and the draw of modern conveniences. A few families remain and two couples... Continue Reading →

Sabrina by Nick Drnaso

Random violence, social media, firewalls, conspiracy theories, isolation, and disengagement. Is this book the fetid kitchen sink of our times? Yes, and no. Teddy goes to stay with his childhood friend after his girlfriend has gone missing. Calvin takes his friend into his house, empty after his wife and daughter have left him. Teddy stays... Continue Reading →

Friday Graphic Novel Double Feature. The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang. Fish Girl by David Wiesner and Donna Jo Napoli

These are two that I really enjoyed and wholeheartedly recommend. Fish Girl A young mermaid is trapped inside a boardwalk exhibit. Mute and warded over by her self-proclaimed protector, Neptune, she spends her days darting through the tanks trying to get visitors to spend their money. She looks out the windows to the world outside... Continue Reading →

Friday YA Graphic Novel Double Feature: Fake Blood by Whitney Gardner. Piper by Jay Asher (Author), Jessica Freeburg (Author), Jeff Stokely (Illustrator)

I usually like to have my Friday post be a couple books I can wholeheartedly recommend... This week, unfortunately I found these both kinda bleh. Fake Blood by Whitney Gardner Middler schooler AJ has a crush on Nia. AJ is scared. Nia likes vampires. AJ tries to get her interested by going to school dressed... Continue Reading →

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