Anna by Sammy H.K. Smith

I gripped by Kindle. White knuckles... I felt anger. frustration, and pain for this character. I took a deep breath and put it down gently... Anna. After two years of being adrift in the Unland, she is abducted by a man named Will. In just the first few pages of the book, I knew this... Continue Reading →

The Helm of Midnight by Marina Lostetter

I love the idea of enchantments and enchanted items... swords and medallions and in the case of The Helm of Midnight, masks! In Lostetter's outstanding debut novel, individual's essence can be trapped in a mask before they die and the power will last within the vessel forever. If a healer allows their essence to be... Continue Reading →

The Conductors by Nicole Glover

Publisher Blurb: Hetty Rhodes and her husband, Benjy, were Conductors on the Underground Railroad, ferrying dozens of slaves to freedom with daring, cunning, and magic that draws its power from the constellations. With the war over, those skills find new purpose as they solve mysteries and murders that white authorities would otherwise ignore.  In the... Continue Reading →

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