New Kid by Jerry Craft

In what usually amounts to hormone hell is even worse for Jordan Banks when his family sends him to a new middle school. An African-American young man living in Washington Heights will now make the daily trip to RAD (Riverdale Academy Day school), an elite prep school. Jordan is forced to code switch, deal with... Continue Reading →

Roughneck by Jeff Lemire

Derek Ouelette was an enforcer on the hockey ice. Pushed on by his domineering father, his job was to intimidate the other team, to win with his size and his fists. He was good enough to play professionally, until an incident on the rink ended his career. He is now back in his hometown. He... Continue Reading →

Come Again by Nate Powell

Haven Station is a commune in the Ozarks where everyone pitches in to help produce sellable goods for market. It is now 1979 and a once thriving community is withering. The promise of a utopian life has been cut away by infighting and the draw of modern conveniences. A few families remain and two couples... Continue Reading →

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