Friday Graphic Novel Double Feature: Cardboard Kingdom by Chad Sell. The King of Kazoo by Norm Feuti

Cardboard Kingdom by Chad SellThis graphic novel is awesome. Period. Chad Sell teams up with several other storytellers to create a neighborhood of fantasy made out of refrigerator boxes! A diverse cast of young people dressed up at Monsters, Princesses, and Robots, subtlety tackle issues of bullying, divorce, competition, parent expectations, and many more. The... Continue Reading →

Friday All-Ages Graphic Novel Double Feature: Edison Beaker, Creature Seeker: The Night Door by Frank Cammuso / Space Dumplins by Craig Thompson

Edison Beaker, Creature Seeker: The Night Door What happens when you find out the family business is fighting monsters? Welp, in the case of Creature Seeker Pest Control, you get pulled into a world filled with scary frights who will threaten everyone in the real world if you don't take care of them... Edison Beaker... Continue Reading →

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