Y: The Last Man Vol 1: Unmanned

The world changes in a moment when the Y chromosome is wiped off the face of the earth in the fall of 2002.  All sperm, fetuses... any males are gone. What is the cause of this "gendercide?" A mystical necklace, a cloning experiment, a magical ring... In NYC, the West Bank, Jordan, and Boston, factions... Continue Reading →

Super YA Friday: Cub by Cynthia Copeland

Cynthia Copeland tells her story as a middle school kid in 1972 and 73. A crossroads in our nation's history as women's rights, the war in Vietnam, environmentalism, Watergate, and fashion try to distract her from the wild kingdom in the halls of Litchfield Junior High School. She enjoys hanging with her friends, riding her... Continue Reading →

Island Book by Evan Dahm

Sola lives on a small island with other villagers who fear the Monster. It once came to the island and destroyed much of the settlement, but Sola was not afraid. She stood there and silently communicated with the beast. Now sailors take daily trips out into the ocean to look for it and keep the... Continue Reading →

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