The Grand Abyss Hotel by Marcos Prior

 I've been mulling this review over for a couple days. There's just so much to unpack in The Grand Abyss Hotel. Told through our modern lenses on society, either in the newsroom or on the street, it takes on all sorts of contemporary issues: Fake News, activism, and big business. The art is some of... Continue Reading →

Dahlia Black by Keith Thomas

In 2028, a pulse from outer space is detected by physicist Dahlia Black. An advanced government antenna is aimed up at the stars and receives a radio signal. At first, the small cadre of scientists who are in-the-know don't know what to make of it; all they know is that the message is way beyond... Continue Reading →

Campusland by Scott Johnston

Campusland by Scott Johnston is a scathing satire of modern college life... it touches on many of the topics that are being discussed on university campuses across the nation: gender issues, racial equality, the MeToo movement, safe spaces, tenure, admissions, etc. It's an good debut that pushes the notions of the PC movement to an... Continue Reading →

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