Best Wishes by Mike Richardson

A "magical" fountain is moved from a small Italian town to the NYC... the first wishes, the first two coins to be thrown in the water create a link between two unsuspecting people. Cal wants his graphic design talent to be recognized, and Mary wishes her pro-football-star boyfriend would have more time for her. When... Continue Reading →

The Body in the Castle Well by Martin Walker

Three things you can depend on in one of Martin Walker's Bruno novels: deliberate investigations, small provincial-town politics, and a full feast of French food. The Body in the Castle Well starts with the death of a visiting art student. Claudia is a young American PhD student who is visiting St. Denis to study with... Continue Reading →

Sworn to the Night by Craig Schaefer

NYPD detective Marie Reinhart and her partner believe they are on the trail of a serial killer... but the answer just might be more deadly. A "Most Dangerous Game" cult, a Presidential candidate, a coven of witches, and a new drug called Ink... all combine to cut across the layers of power in New York... Continue Reading →

Bearskin by James A. McLaughlin

Rice is an ex-con escaping his past while hiding out as a caretaker on a private wildlife preserve in the Virginia mountains. He is tasked with remodeling the lodge, mending perimeter fences, and giving updates to his hippy Californian boss. But one day he is alerted to a bear carcass up in the woods. Rice... Continue Reading →

Hero Forged by Josh Erikson

Gabe Delling is a conman with countless personas to call on to manipulate his marks. But he is always strapped for cash, money he needs to help his convalescent father. And that pressure causes him to take a chance on a quick score with a team of criminals. What should be an "easy" breaking and... Continue Reading →

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