Defining Terms: “At Times…”

I try to be balanced in my reviews and hold off on ranting negatively about books, but I do struggle with how to introduce criticism in my writing. I've adopted "at times" as a phrase to introduce criticism in my writing. Does it lighten the affect of the 3* or 2* review? I have used it... Continue Reading →

The Free Citizen by TJ Sedgwick

A high-octane scifi run-and-gun filled with alien parasites, cloaked ships, and all means of smoking guns. Set in the 2082, Captain Calvin Rae is the best soldier in the totalitarian American Union, a nationalist regime that has taken over the bulk of the US and Mexico. Released from his emotions by the chip embedded into... Continue Reading →

Luisa: Now and Then by Carole Maurel

Anger, frustration, and sadness. The feelings that come along with regret. The compromises made... the paths diverged and not taken. Two Luisas, separated by 17 years, but brought together by some sort of time slip. 15-year-old Luisa gets on the bus to go home out in the sticks in 1996 and gets off in Paris... Continue Reading →

Sept LookBack… Oct LookForward

Ok... school is just over one-sixth of the way done. We have 6 six-week grading periods... 3 per semester. Plugging along. I'm lucky to have a good group this year... 180 students or so. It took me awhile to memorize all their names! In the book world... I had a great time reading a bunch... Continue Reading →

Half Way Home by Hugh Howey

In my mind I will always go back to Wool as being the book that brought me back to my science fiction roots. I had gotten away from science fiction and fantasy for a time as I pursued my career and basically got my act together... but everyone was talking about this book... taking place... Continue Reading →

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