Under Ordshaw by Phil Williams

Pax is screwed. She made a killing at the poker game, but an awkward encounter at her local dive bar leaves her looking for her stash. Rent is due and her money is gone. In the midst of her investigation she meets a representative from a mysterious government agency. He may have a badge or... Continue Reading →

Dusk Mountain Blues by Deston J. Munden

The Caldwell family is an absolute trip! A family who is escaping a harsh regime on a backwoods planet. This is an awesome mashup of science fiction, mutant fun, superstitional lore, and tight family roots. Three generations of family (and many branches sticking out from all over the place) take part in an awesome power... Continue Reading →

The Girl Beneath the Sea by Andrew Mayne

I read all of Mayne's The Naturalist series and loved every one of them. Theo Cray is an awesome protagonist and his mysteries feel huge. Like the problems could take over the world. And his deductive reasoning creates some really immersive detectiving (made that word up:) and each of the four books in the series... Continue Reading →

Goldilocks by Laura Lam

The all female crew of the Atalanta is determined to take control of the mission to find a habitable planet. Years of climate disasters and person-made greed has created an Earth that requires people to wear filtering masks 24/7. Population control and a misogynistic government has turned the sciences into a hostile and toxic environment... Continue Reading →

Reading/ Life Check In

Quick update: I've been home for two weeks in quarantine. The first week was supposed to be our Spring Break and then it was extended by the school district to include this week too. I will start Distance Learning on Monday. The whole house got the flu the weekend before last, so that was fun!... Continue Reading →

The Warehouse by Rob Hart (Mini-Mini Review)

The Warehouse is set about 20-30 years in the future and focuses on an Amazon-like company named Cloud that has 'revolutionized' the industry through, among other things, employee ratings and drone deliveries. The company has dozens of self-inclosed campuses across the country. They include giant warehouses to hold goods, employee housing, and an entertainment center... Continue Reading →

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