November Review, December Preview

November Review:November was a busy month. Another November of fires here in Northern California, and I feel terrible for those who were directly affected. We had some very bad air quality where I live and school was cancelled for several days. Some good wet weather came in last week to help the firefighters, which was... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award

BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD! The Rules: Thank the person who nominated you and include their link Give a brief explanation of how your blog began Give some advice to new bloggers Name ten nominees and include their links Tag your nominees on Twitter to let them know Book Buddies: Thank you so much to Nick (@NickRevws)... Continue Reading →

October TBR…

Here's a list of my projected TBR for the month. It seems to be my usual fare. Some fantasy/ scifi, some lit, some nonfiction. AmReading Trail of Lightning: I started it the other night and only read a couple chapters... but have heard great things. ARCs I only have 2 ARCs to read this month.... Continue Reading →

Personal Challenge. Completed.

I challenged myself to write 50 posts in 50 days, and yesterday's review of Galbraith's Lethal White was the last. Because some have asked, here's an explanation: No. I didn't read 50 books in 50 days. Several of the books I had read before I started blogging; I just wrote up small reviews for those.... Continue Reading →

6-Month Blogging Update

Hi All- A little update about blogging and books and stuff. I make a lot of lists in my life, so that's how I'll write this one: Thank you to all who have read, followed, liked, commented, tweeted, retweeted, quoted, and just plain supported me in my first six months. It has truly been a... Continue Reading →

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