PaulsPicks Best Graphic Novels of 2019

I read just over 130 graphic novels this year and here's 13 that I really liked. There's horror, nonfiction, scifi... All these are great ways to get into the genre.   Infidel by Pornsak Pichetshote, Aaron Campbell, Jose Villarrubia and Jeff Powell Wow! This graphic novel blew me away. From the vivid drawings to the... Continue Reading →

PaulsPicks Best Books of 2019

Here's my eclectic list of Best Books for 2019. All of these books were published this year and cover a smattering of different genres: SciFi, Fantasy, Drama, Dystopian, Tie-In, YA, Historical Fiction. I had two goals in putting this list together: 1) Look over my year in reading and find the best books that I... Continue Reading →

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