Reading/ Life Check In

Quick update:

I’ve been home for two weeks in quarantine. The first week was supposed to be our Spring Break and then it was extended by the school district to include this week too. I will start Distance Learning on Monday.

The whole house got the flu the weekend before last, so that was fun! And now we’ve been locked up with each other for a couple weeks. I’ve spent most of my time getting organizing for distance learning. We are supposed to roll out a week of assignments at a time. Our students were issues Chromebooks at the beginning of the year, so it will be much easier for them since they are already versed on the platforms we use, ie GoogleClassroom, Listenwise, Membean.

We’ve spent a great deal of time this week in Zoom meetings with other faculty members. I’m pretty Zoomed-out and I haven’t even started with my students. But I think those will be better since I haven’t seen them in awhile.

Now on to my reading. First, sickness left me with no energy, and second, I’ve had really bad phone head/ screen eyes and just haven’t been able to focus. I tried Battlefront II and it was good, but I put it down to start Shorefall. My energy is back and I’m feeling a lot more organized and ready for ‘school’ to start back up. Let the pleasure/ ARC reading commence.

Hope you are all safe and healthy:)

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  1. Hope you’re feeling better! I think we’ll all be Zoom experts (and heartily sick of it) by the time all this is done. Good luck with the distance teaching. I have so much admiration for all the teachers who are working so hard to keep their students learning!

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  2. I’m working remotely too and studying outside of that, but with everyone else on “isolation” in the house (seven total) it’s been pretty chaotic. As they have lots of time on their hands, they seem to believe I do as well. Which is a pain in the butt for me. As for reading ,I get maybe 30 minutes in bed. Glad you’re better though. This is no time to catch colds or flus.

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  3. Hope you continue to feel better, Paul! In addition to the pandemic, I’ve heard we’ve had a pretty bad flu season this year, sorry that it hit your entire household. Good luck with the distance learning–I’m sure this will be an interesting learning experience for everyone involved.

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    1. Yeah… just trying to keep a routine, but my reading has fallen off a lot. Taking care of my own kids and teaching at the same time has been exhausting, but I have Max Brooks new one to finish this weekend.

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