Friday Graphic Novel Double Feature: Cardboard Kingdom by Chad Sell. The King of Kazoo by Norm Feuti

Cardboard Kingdom by Chad Sell

This graphic novel is awesome. Period.

Chad Sell teams up with several other storytellers to create a neighborhood of fantasy made out of refrigerator boxes! A diverse cast of young people dressed up at Monsters, Princesses, and Robots, subtlety tackle issues of bullying, divorce, competition, parent expectations, and many more.

The length of the stories vary, but each one places the characters leaping back and forth between the real world and the fantasy realm. I honestly didn’t find a bad one in the bunch. From a boy who wants to dress up as a sorceress to a girl whose grandmother believes girls should be seen but not heard, Sell and crew push stereotypes out of the way in favor of the characters’ dreams.

Highly recommended.

The King of Kazoo by Norm Feuti

A headstrong king who thinks ‘taking responsibility’ equals taking credit for other’s work… his daughter is adept at magic and sees a way to help the kingdom. His tinkerer invents wonderful devices. Yet, Cornelius can’t see past his own ego.

Maybe an adventure would help set him straight? Welp, Mount Kazoo has erupted and his fearful subjects want answers. The band hop in the new automobile, which the king named after himself, and head off to fight, or at least see what’s up. They brave a swamp full of testy frogs, an eerie deserted town, and Corneluis’s own fumblings to get answers.

A lesson wrapped in a glorious quest! A book filled with witty lines and zany illustrations. Definitely recommended.

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