Tear It Down (A Peter Ash Novel) by Nick Petrie

Ash is restless. Even after his latest escapade with Lewis in Colorado where they took down a crew hijacking marijuana companies’ profits, he can’t settle down. Peter sustained massive injuries in the final pursuit, and has convalesced at June’s place in Washington St, but when the body is healthy, she knows the mind still runs. Because of Ash’s nature, June sends him to Memphis to help a friend.

Wanda Wyatt is a war photographer and has just returned from the field to ready a show of her work. Yet, she is being harassed. First with phone calls, and right before Ash has arrived, someone has run a truck into the front of her house. Wanda is shaken, not just by the current threats, but by her experiences on the battlefield. Ash must wade through the tough neighborhoods of Memphis to help Wanda find peace.

I liked so much about this fourth book in Petrie’s series. The existing characters seem to gain depth and the new characters were fresh and interesting. The author used the setting well to put Ash in ‘fish out of water’ situations as he is usually the only white guy in predominantly African-American sections of the city. I feel like there weren’t as many narrative threads vying for the reader’s attention in this one. That’s not to say the plot was simple. It was complex in that it challenged each character and ramped up to a superb ending.

If you’re looking for a new Jack-Reacher type series to start, Petrie’s Peter Ash is a great one, and the books don’t drop off in quality.

4.5 stars out of 5

Releases on Jan 15th.

Thank you to Edelweiss, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, and Nick Petrie for an advanced copy for review.

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