Sheets by Brenna Thummler (Mini Graphic Novel Review)

I had seen this title around a lot in the last year, so I downloaded it on my library book app… A very quick read about a struggling young woman who must take care of the family laundromat after the death of her mother and subsequent detachment of her father. Marjorie Glatt must go to school, take care of her younger brother, and field orders at the business, all with a nosey man trying to buy the property out from under her. In walks a ghost named Wendell who is an obvious metaphor for the life Marjorie has been forced to lead. He sneaks around the outer edges of her life and attempts to help out.

A subtle plot and a welcoming message make Sheets a good read. Sometimes pages go by without dialogue, but this is just to emphasize the separation the main character feels from the world around her as others give her a wide berth. Overall, I liked it, yet felt it could have reached for a little more depth in revealing its themes.

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