My Boyfriend is a Bear by Pamela Ribon, Cat Farris (Illustrator). (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

Nora has a list of bad exes a mile long, and Los Angeles is not the best place to be in the dating scene. A chance encounter on a camping trip brings Bear into her life, and a fire chases him out of the woods and right to Nora’s apartment. A whirlwind romance ensues. She’s found a caring partner who’s a good listener, handy around the house, and thoughtful of her needs. But after being locked in the house for six weeks, they finally venture out as a couple. What will Nora’s friends and family think? Will this thing work longterm?!?!

Funny, with real ear for the pitfalls of dating life, My Boyfriend is a Bear is a unique take on modern life. Nora is a great character, as is Bear. And that might be hard to create with a character who only shares his feelings in grunts and roars!

Check this one out!

All the fish in the sea… to the one who plucks em outta the stream.

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    1. I just googled ‘2018 graphic novel releases,’ and then searched my county library’s system for some that look interesting. The libraries have a really good acquisition department.

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