Reckoning of Fallen Gods. A Novel of the Coven. By R.A. Salvatore

‘It is said and so it has been told.’

After the actions of Child of a Mad God, The Coven has circled tighter and tighter around Aoleyn. Angry at her transgressions, they need to preserve the power of their fold by any means possible… Yet, Aoleyn’s role has now changed, and her moral center has shifted dramatically against the core of the tribe.

A catalyst for change comes in the form of a solar eclipse, a natural occurrence that is easily explained to some, but a hard-to-define event by the standards of a closed, primitive culture.  The sun disappears and marks actions foretold… and the narrative branches out into vastly different regions of Salvatore’s world. A shift is coming, one that will affect people around the lake, up the mountains, and much farther beyond.

I want to warn readers that this one starts off quickly, and jumps in directly after the events of the previous book.  The setting and scale of the the events in Child of a Mad God stayed pretty consistent, but this one gets big, fast. Also, the swiftly shifting points of view seem different than the pacing of the last book, yet it’s in tune with the ramping tension in this one as more peoples and races are brought in to face the war drums’ beats. The characters meet with Salvatore’s usual style, where actions speak louder than words. Aoleyn’s character arc takes a number of the turns, and the reader is along for the ride. A ride where we are free to agree or disagree with any number of her decisions… and ultimately we ask, what will be the consequences in book 3?

This series is perfect for those looking to escape into a savage world, where magic can as easily save as it can destroy. A world where signs are read in the natural world, interpreted by beasts and witches alike.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Releases on Jan 29th.

Thank you to NetGalley, Tor Books, and R.A. Salvatore for the advanced copy for review.

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