Age of Assassins by RJ Barker (Mini Review)

Age of Assassins is a. a complex castle whodunit b. a back/front/side/top/bottom-stabbing political thriller c. magic-laced coming-of-age d. ALL OF THE ABOVE. At first, the premise seems quite simple: an assassin and her apprentice have been brought to the seat of the kingdom to weed out a possible move on the heir.  Master and second... Continue Reading →

Shadow of the Exile by Mitchell Hogan

In the outstanding opening scene, Tarrik is ripped from the demon realm, and called by a new master to do her bidding.  Ren is a soceress threatened by many adversaries and the summoning brings muscle. This starts a relationship that is edged in suspicion, capitulation, and maybe even an eventual respect. Tarrik’s own history of... Continue Reading →

War Cry by Brian McClellan

Staring out across the plains, the team feels hunger. The need of food, family, and an end to the war they have always known. A specialized squad of rangers: gunners, magic-users, medics... all tired of waiting. Until their resupply man returns with two tins of biscuits, and news that that might be the end of... Continue Reading →

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