Up the Throne by Toby Frost

The Girl with the Two Facial Scars. Wronged and cut by a powerful mobster several years before, Giulia travels back to her homeland bent on revenge. To Astrago, a Renaissance-era city infused with aspects of steampunk and magic. Cog-filled contraptions touched with spells. Airships shrinking the distances between political alliances. Power struggles toppled by poison... Continue Reading →

Age of Assassins by RJ Barker (Mini Review)

Age of Assassins is a. a complex castle whodunit b. a back/front/side/top/bottom-stabbing political thriller c. magic-laced coming-of-age d. ALL OF THE ABOVE. At first, the premise seems quite simple: an assassin and her apprentice have been brought to the seat of the kingdom to weed out a possible move on the heir.  Master and second... Continue Reading →

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