The Remarkable Inventions of Walter Mortinson by Quinn Sosna-Spear

Walter Mortinson is a young man who is destined for something. No one is sure just what. He has it in his genes. Inventing, that is. Parts and pieces litter his room and he is always scavenging for more. Yet, his mother tries to pull him away, back down to earth. Back to the basement of their house where she runs the family mortuary… Caught between the stiffs and the clouds, Walter chooses to flee. And he takes along a girl who can help him, and she him. They are both hurting and begin a journey of to something they believe may fix

Sosna-Speer has created a tale with nods to Tollbooths, Factories, and Unfortunate Events. There is great detailed imagination is the little worlds that Walter and Cordelia visit. Miners and balloonists and inventions of all types are cast in a light of whimsy yet sometimes darkness. The only criticism I have with the book is that there was a disconnect for me between the two distinct threads. Walter is running towards his dream of being an inventor and following his father’s legacy, and his mother chases after him to stop that passing on of the torch. As the novel progresses these two pieces fight at times for control of the narrative. I found it hard to decipher between the authority and voice of the storytelling technique.

The Remarkable Inventions of Walter Mortinson a well-written novel that is carried by a fun and inventive character. The story ebbs and flows, but in the end it finishes with a positive and worthy message.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

Releases on April 2nd.

Thank you to NetGalley, Simon and Schuster Children’s, and the author for the advanced copy for review.

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