Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire

Murder is a new student at a school for children who have been sent back through the Doorways.

Every student has at some time crossed through a unique portal to a magical land that enhances a talent. These lands are teased throughout the novella (I wanted more, and I’m assuming the next installments give up further info.) Nancy is a new student who has recently returned and is having a hard time adjusting to the real world. And like all the other students, she wants nothing but to find another doorway back. A couple days into her introduction to the school, her roommate is killed. And her new group of friends take it upon themselves to find a killer.

Ok, here’s the thing: I’ve tried so many portal books, but none of them have worked for me. Is it because I’m too logical a person? Do I have to have my settings start in a fantasy world and stay there? It may be the reason, for the most part, why I shy away from urban fantasy. But I digress… this one was ok for me.

I really liked the characters. A diverse group that McGuire does a fantastic job fleshing out and connecting to his or her particular ‘other’ world. I also enjoyed her writing style. The descriptions and the way she holds off on some info heighten the anticipation. My enjoyment also May have been tainted by some fatigue of the ‘special school’ setting.

I am happy I tried it though because I’ve seen so many reviews of this series on my way around the blogging world. If you haven’t picked this one up, it is well worth the read. Ultimately, I don’t think this could be classified as a review as much as a lesson in spacing out my books (I go to a high school every day, so I need some time away!), and taking a chance on a genre again.

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  1. This certainly looks interesting! I don’t know how seriously I can take a character named Murder though. It just sounds like she’s trying too hard to be goth. I’ll still give it a try — thanks for the recommendation!

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  2. McGuire is one of my favorite writers, either as herself or as her alter-ego Mira Grant, so I always warn people that I’m strongly biased in her favor 🙂 but I’m very glad you enjoyed this and I hope you will keep exploring both this series and her other works…

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      1. If you enjoy Urban Fantasy, the October Daye series is perfect (provided you keep in mind that it takes flight from book 3 and therefore requires some patience), and if you like horror (and zombies) the Newsflesh trilogy written as Mira Grant might work as well – for this one there are a few prequel novellas that can give you an idea of her style without committing to a series.

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