MCMLXXV Vol 1. By Joe Casey, Ian MacEwan (Illustrator)

A badass cabbie who takes on creatures from another dimension… every night. Whatever you do: Do Not Get Out Of The Cab!

Pamela Evans was taken from her streets of NYC and trained to fight a war that wasn’t hers. She cracked countless heads with her mystical tire iron, and searched for a way back home to the man who adopted her… and now that she is back in 1975, the streets are bumping to the sweet soul hits of the era. Gangs rage in intersections, blocking traffic and keeping her fares from getting to their destinations. Pamela fights two fronts: the deadly tribes from the other side and the vicious gangs who are bringing her city down.

This was a bittersweet read… Usually the first volume of a comic has between 3 and 6 issues, and a promise for more to come. But MCMLXXV only had three and the last page of the third comic ends with the words, “The End.” Yes, a short story arc had been completed, but I wanted more fights with Pamela vs the other dimensional beasts. I did a little googling and found that Image cancelled the series after these issues because of poor sales.

I liked the inner-city young woman fighting for her streets and I wanted more about her mentor/ guardian. More of her training and her relationship with the local DJ who provides the late-night soundtrack to her fight scenes. He also gave updates to his fellow residents of NYC about the locales of the gang and other fights about the city. The art was good and really hit on that mid-70s vibe.

Pick this one up for some good urban fantasy. It’s short, but I feel good about getting an opportunity to read it.

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