My Kindle and My Vacation: Looking for Book Recs

The name of my Kindle is Paul’s Window into Mystery. I have no idea where that came from, but it’s kinda fun to see that my books are sent to my Window into Mystery every time I buy a book.

I’ll be leaving on a vacation on Sunday (I’ll get more into my plans in my hiatus post on Sunday) and I have a ridiculous number of books on my device. I’m sure I’ll get through my August ARCs, and some of my September reads, but I’m looking to get some reading done on books I’ve bought for myself. It’s hard for me to filter through all of them, so I thought I’d throw some covers up on this post and see if any of my blogger friends have read them and if they liked them.

Please comment below. Which books have you read and would recommend? Thank you!!



24 thoughts on “My Kindle and My Vacation: Looking for Book Recs

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  1. I liked both Truevine and While the City Slept, I think either of those would be a good pick. Devil in the Grove has been on my list for a long time, I read another book of the author’s and he’s an excellent writer so I have high hopes for that one!

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  2. I’m also heading out of town for my vacay on Sunday and yes, book packing is on my to-do list too! I’ve loaded my kindle with ebooks and my phone with audiobooks and I’m also thinking of bringing a couple physical ARCs with. I’m probably being way too ambitious on how many books I think I will be able to read while I’m away, but I like to be prepared! 😀

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