Outer Darkness. Vol 1: Each Other’s Throats by John Layman and Afu Chan

Recaptured souls, a crew that includes an exorcist and an oracle, a retrieval mission to darkest depths of space, a second mate looking to stab the new captain in the back at his first chance… And at the center of it all Joshua Briggs, a man who will push and push each person in the ranks… he cuts through all the bullshit. He definitely is not Captain Kirk!

I love this book. Get ready for a gush… The dialogue, the art, the trippy god-engine who needs human sacrifices to run. Every twist of the plot is out of nowhere and threw me for that ride you look for in literature. Every character has his or her or their moment to shine… I especially loved how one issue is told exclusively by the navigator whose name Briggs never can remember. It pisses him off… not to mention he was the ruler of his planet before his son killed him and send his soul crashing through space. He’s pissed! – Every character has a story and I’m ready to stick with this comic to hear about them all.

The artwork is especially thrilling… the small touches of the uniforms and the cabins on the ship to the gnarly monsters who show up at the most unfortunate times.

Highly recommended for the space geeks in all of us… If you like any and all space operas, pick this one up!

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