Sir Thomas the Hesitant and the Table of Less Values Knights by Liam Perrin

I got the recommendation for this one from Esme over at WeatherWaxReport. Her post Top 21 Indies I Read in 2018 provides an awesome list of books. I picked up a couple more from the list besides this one.

I read Sir Thomas on my flight the other day, and it was the perfect start for my vacation. Bouncing up and down in a metal cylinder at 30,000 ft… I definitely needed an escape!

Thomas has never been first in anything. Not in his family, nor in life. Yet, when Sir Arthur is set to marry Guinevere and they decide to grant a wish for each of their subjects, Thomas doesn’t ask for help for his brother who’s been thrown in jail… he asks to become a knight.

To save the blighted kingdom. To meet the beautiful Marie. To stick with his motley crew. And to be the man he knows he can be!

There’s great hilarity and lots of lighthearted fun in this read. Not so much of the over-the-top kind, but just good wit, turns of phrase, and situational comedy. I got some side eye from my seat companions on my flight because of my frequent laughter. A quick read that is exactly what I was looking for. It can be particularly hard at times to find that book that fits your mood, but this one did the trick.

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