This One Summer by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki (Graphic Novel Review)

Two tweens slide through a summer at a cabin by the shore. Rose and Windy may seem like bystanders to the heartbreak around them, but they take in every word they hear and every expression they see.

The girls share talk of budding interest in sexuality, slasher movies, and s’mores. Yet, deeper and more complex issues swirl around them. Rose’s parents had been trying for a baby and they are still in pain over not being able to conceive. The girls witness a teen couple in the midst of fighting over a pregnancy themselves. This isn’t mere gossip, but rough topics that they try to shake off at times and at others, try to comprehend and empathize with.

A gorgeously-drawn book that hits on so many family dynamics. It’s that first time a secret has been serious and real. The feeling in your gut that parents may not have all the answers and can be very vulnerable. But it’s also a bonfire on the beach, a new dance to learn, and a scary walk home at night.


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