November Review, December Preview

November Review:

November was a busy month. Another November of fires here in Northern California, and I feel terrible for those who were directly affected. We had some very bad air quality where I live and school was cancelled for several days. Some good wet weather came in last week to help the firefighters, which was awesome!  Thanksgiving break was fun, but very busy. With kids: Vacations are fun, but not relaxing!

I had a great reading month. I kept on with my run of graphic novels, and got several sci-fi and fantasy books read too.

Here’s my best-of for the month with links to my reviews below.

The Dam Keeper by Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

Rosewater by Tade Thompson (Mini Review)

Harley Quinn: Mad Love by Paul Dini and Pat Cadigan

Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful by Arwen Elys Dayton

Arm of the Sphinx (The Books of Babel #2) by Josiah Bancroft (Mini Review)

Conspiracy of Ravens by Leah Moore, John Reppion. Illustrated by Sally Jane Thompson.

December Preview:

I have a pretty good list put together for this month made up of ARCs, graphic novels, and ‘personal’ reads.

Am Reading:

children of blook and bone


Graphic Novels:

I’m sure I’ll see some more at my local library I’ll want to pick up. I cruise by the “Adult” and “YA” sections each week. But I have Home After Dark sitting on my bedside table right now.

home after dark

Personal Reads:

The choices for the next month:

Let me know if you’ve read any of these and what you thought.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Vicious is a fantastic book! I just read it last month and really enjoyed it. Hope you are enjoying Children of Blood and Bone – I really want to read it as I have heard so many amazing things about it.

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! I’ve gotten many recs for Vicious and I have some time after my current reads!
      Children of Blood and Bone is turning out to be very good. It starts out following the quest trope, but the writing, setting, and magic are fresh.


  2. Am with Bookstooge — read the first book I don’t know how many times in high school/college/maybe once or twice since (and would again, actually). Book 2, I think I read twice trying to convince myself I liked it. 3 was . . . well . . . Did I mention book 1 was great?

    (also, I think there were many years between 1&2 — a standalone that he was convinced to turn into a series. At least that was my assumption at the time).

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  3. Ohhh Home After Dark! I’ll be curious to see what you’ll think of it. I believe the “style” will be different from what you’ve come across so far in your comics/graphic novels. Also glad to see Malice, Vicious and The Great Alone on there. Actual books I’ve read! 😛 Happy reading!

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