Conspiracy of Ravens by Leah Moore, John Reppion. Illustrated by Sally Jane Thompson.

“There is no older nor purer form of magic than that of birds.”

Anne is just trying to make her way through high school: the gauntlet of tests, cliques, and friends…   All that is upended when in the middle of class, she’s called to office and finds out a previously unknown aunt has passed away. With the death comes an inheritance of Ravenhall, an aging mansion, and a locket with a curious provenance. Anne slowly learns of the power of the piece of jewelry, and finds that there are others out there who share the same lineage. A lineage connected by the power of birds. Jackdaw! Jay! Crow! Magpie! Raven! A dissimulation of birds and enchantment.

Yet, with these powers come threats, people who want the stones for themselves. The mystery of the magic lineage is just as good as the brisk and lively action. From the boarding school culture to the magical system to the familial stress and struggles, this graphic novel covers a lot in only 150 pages. And it does it all well. Also of note, I think readers will definitely be happy with the number of fun literary allusions made over the course of the work.

Told with humor, stylishly drawn illustrations, and inclusivity, Conspiracy of Ravens is a graphic novel that should find its way into many hands. I found enjoyment in this novel as would many of my students. The narrative is left open-ended, and my hope is that Moore and Reppion continue the “conspiracy” story.

For more information and an 8-page preview, click here.

Many thanks to Dark Horse Comics and the authors for a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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