Rosewater by Tade Thompson (Mini Review)

Rosewater, Nigeria. 2066. Site of the alien biodome. An orb with a mysterious connection to people’s health and a selecting ability to reach into the psyche of others. Tade Thompson’s novel reads as scifi action, cultural inquiry, and deep character examination.

This might seem like a fault as I try to correctly explain it, but it definitely is not. Thomspon’s writing slowly circles the central conflict for the first half of the book. Slowly getting closer to the clues  of a series of murders, the reason and the object of Kaaro’s focus. Each piece of backstory in the first part of the book is a filling in, a shading of a most intriguing and unique character. There is present action in 2066 Rosewater, Nigera, and a smattering of snippets over the course of his lifetime. From his childhood as a thief to recruitment to a special dark branch of the government, each small piece explains the nature of his power to delve into other’s minds, his connection to the alien biodome, and his means of deciphering it all.

Highly recommended for all fans of the genre. Looking forward to Thompson’s next book in the series.

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