Rosewater by Tade Thompson (Mini Review)

Rosewater, Nigeria. 2066. Site of the alien biodome. An orb with a mysterious connection to people's health and a selecting ability to reach into the psyche of others. Tade Thompson's novel reads as scifi action, cultural inquiry, and deep character examination. This might seem like a fault as I try to correctly explain it, but... Continue Reading →

The Razor by J. Barton Mitchell

The perfect business model: use criminals as labor to mine the galaxy's most powerful source of energy. Mammoth "crawlers" filled with prisoners set out over the surface of a split planet, half arctic-cold and half fire-scorched with only a sliver of habitable land in between. A place called The Razor. Populated by gangs, corrupt officials,... Continue Reading →

Street Freaks by Terry Brooks

In a futuristic, polluted - Escape from New York/ Terminator- style Los Angeles, Ash receives a frantic message from his bioengineer father telling him to run. Two minutes later their penthouse apartment is filled with robots on the hunt. Ash flees with his escape bag to the Red Zone, a non-patrolled sector given over to... Continue Reading →

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