November Review, December Preview

November Review:November was a busy month. Another November of fires here in Northern California, and I feel terrible for those who were directly affected. We had some very bad air quality where I live and school was cancelled for several days. Some good wet weather came in last week to help the firefighters, which was... Continue Reading →

October TBR…

Here's a list of my projected TBR for the month. It seems to be my usual fare. Some fantasy/ scifi, some lit, some nonfiction. AmReading Trail of Lightning: I started it the other night and only read a couple chapters... but have heard great things. ARCs I only have 2 ARCs to read this month.... Continue Reading →

A Quick TBR

A Quick TBR. Just because. In order, here's a list of the books I'll be reading over the next couple weeks. Small Country by Gaël Faye. This is my current read. This is a newly translated book from France. The story of boy growing up in central Africa in the mid 90s. His mother is a... Continue Reading →

TBR Thursday

Here's a preview of some of the books and reviews I'll be writing in the coming months. I try to only glance at the blurb to get a feel for what the book is about because I don't want to be overly-skewed by another's interpretation of the work.  Here are the covers with a few... Continue Reading →

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