October TBR…

Here’s a list of my projected TBR for the month. It seems to be my usual fare. Some fantasy/ scifi, some lit, some nonfiction.


trail of light

Trail of Lightning: I started it the other night and only read a couple chapters… but have heard great things.


I only have 2 ARCs to read this month. I may pick up a couple more. We’ll see.

heads you win

Jeffrey Archer’s Heads You Win: I really enjoyed Kane and Abel, but have not read the Clifton Chronicles. He writes big historical fiction. This one is about a mother and son who are forced to leave 1968 Russia because of political plots against their family. Should be interesting.


The Spy Who Was Left Behind: “The shocking true story of international intrigue involving the 1993 murder of CIA officer Freddie Woodruff by KGB agents and the extensive cover-up that followed in Washington and in Moscow.” I enjoy these types of nonfiction books. Looking forward to it.

Library Book Haul

I’ve been looking for some graphic novels lately, and wandered over the that section at the library today! These looked good.


My Personal Picks

I’ve outsourced the decisions of my last two personal reads in the form of polls on Twitter. And yes, I definitely stack the deck! All are usually books that I know I will enjoy. A couple days ago, Trail of Lightning “won” over Rosewater, Dread Nation, and City of Brass. Most of these have been recommended my the awesome bloggers I follow. Thank you for some awesome tips!

If you’d like to help, follow me on Twitter @Highlander27

Here’s a list of the books I’ll be putting up to be voted on in the near future:


Thank you for stopping by!  Have you read any other books listed above? Feel free to comment below:)

27 thoughts on “October TBR…

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  1. I am certainly interested in readin’ yer take on Trail of Lightning as I have not read it yet. I don’t do the Twitter but I thought Sea of Rust was fantastic. Dread Nation was just okay for me though most of the crew loved it. I haven’t read any of the others! Though many of them interest me. Hope yer October readin’ be grand. Arrr!
    x The Captain

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    1. Thanks for checking out the post! I’m really enjoying Trail of Lightning right now.
      Ok, I’ll give a vote to Sea of Rust when I put it up for vote, ha!
      Happy Reading


  2. My highest recommendation goes to RJ Barker’s Assassin trilogy: a gripping, emotion-laden read you don’t want to miss.
    And I recently read Malice, after enjoying very much the first volume of John Gwynne’s new series (A Time of Dread): for a debut novel, Malice is a great beginning to an engrossing series – equally recommended

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  3. I loved Trail of Lightning although I do need to post a review – hope you’re loving it. From your featured books, I’ve read a few and highly recommend Sea of Rust and Age of Assassins. I liked a couple of your others too but those two were fab.
    Lynn 😀

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